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Intimate Portraits Photography Studio

At Desire Photography Boutique we take intimate portraits to the next level.

These sessions are carefully crafted to meet your expectations and lead you through the most rewarding experiences of your life. 

It helps reconnect with your intimate self, lets you be vulnerable in the safest setting possible. And you will get rewarded with the incredibly powerful images! Let’s create art together! 


My mission - your empowerment

Intimate portrait photography is the most empowering experience out there.

This is probably the only way to truly celebrate you, showcase your beauty, show your authentic and vulnerable self in the safest environment possible.
Sessions take place in a home studio with all female team (your MUA and Photographer) to make this experience fun, free, glamorous and simply unforgettable.
Sessions start at $250 plus HST


Our Photography Services


Intimate Portrait/Boudoir Sessions

Immerse yourself in the most empowering experience of the intimate photography. Be bold, be sexy, be anything you want to be. Sessions are crafted specifically to you and your vision. We are here to document you.
We offer portrait, boudoir, couple's boudoir, male intimate portraits, artistic nude. Just LET US KNOW HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF!


Printed Products

Unique Luxury Handcrafted photo albums designed to showcase the images in the best light.

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Wall Art

The most exclusive way to display your images is to hang it on the wall as a beautiful Metal or Acrylic art piece.

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Our Studio

Pretty, comfortable, safe and extremely fun in-home studio with small but beautiful client closet is all you need to enjoy and have the best time of your life.


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